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What Is Mylermedia?

Mylermedia is your new friend.

Mylermedia helps its clients make an impression.

We help build relationships with the media and generate buzz. And ink. And pixels.

We help build industry alliances to generate business interest.

We help your company gain the recognition it deserves.

We pop your brand into the minds of millions.

Mylermedia . . .

. . . likes working with small entrepreneurial/start-up companies who have the desire to be recognized, admired– and trusted. We like these kind of companies because the soul lives in the grassroots.

. . . is noted as being smart, well-connected, and relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

. . . understands process.

. . . has worked with companies that have done very well.

. . . isn’t ashamed to admit working for ones that have failed. (And, boy, did we learn lots!)

. . . is both long-term and project-oriented.

. . . works for you as a partner.

. . . is your hired gun and secret weapon.

. . . is lead by PR and marketing guru, Myles Weissleder. Click here for his .

If you are interested in learning more about how Mylermedia can help your business, please email myles@mylermedia.com and introduce yourself!